Eight Great Gift Ideas to Thrill Your Sister  

Eight Great Gift Ideas to Thrill Your Sister  

Let’s face it; sisters can be downright difficult to buy gifts for. Admit it – you’ve already searched through the usual clothing, perfume, and jewelry gift ideas, but you want something different. Something novel but also of use to her. You want to give her that special   team bonding Singapore    something that will make her think of you every time she uses it.

Family Photo Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is finished in cherry and has a truly unique feature. It displays any 5×7 photograph on its lid above engraved text reading “Love Family Memories”. There is a mirror under the lid, which can be taken out and replaced by another photo, plus a tray that includes several sections. There’s even a set of ring rolls where various rings can be stored. The interior consists of a large compartment lined with luxurious ivory suede fabric.
You can even insert a picture of yourself or a picture of you and your family in the lid before wrapping and sending it.

For The Sister Who Is Also a Mother

What better gift than a lovely baby or child keepsake! The Precious Prints® sandstone clay baby plaque let’s your sister create a handprint of her child. Suitable for any age, you can even use it to make foot impressions. You can write on it as well or even embed little trinkets in the bake-able clay. To get the clay impression to harden, she’ll need to bake it in her oven for 15-20 minutes. It comes with a wall mount to hang the finished plaque.

Here’s another idea: why not make prints of your kids hands (her nieces or nephews) and write on them “To My Favorite Aunt with Love”.

Perfume to Go

Buying perfume for a woman can be a dangerous proposition because you never know how her body chemistry will react with the perfume. So why not give her a refillable, classy atomizer to take her favorite perfume with her on the go. It’s small enough to take anywhere and even meets all TSA carry-on regulations. It even has a built in level indicator so she’ll never run out.

Help Her Keep Her Favorite Jewelry Clean

Women love jewelry and love to show it off. However, jewelry needs to be cleaned periodically to look its best. So why not give her a sonic jewelry cleaner? It uses sound vibrations to loosen and remove grit and grime from gold, platinum, diamonds, and many other gemstones. This is the best kind of jewelry cleaner to use and will make her jewelry look like new again.

How Many People Do You Know With A Genuine Cuckoo Clock?

Cuckoo clocks can be fun to watch as well as listen to and can add a special touch to any room. This cuckoo clock, fashioned to look like a miniature representation of Santa’s Workshop, will especially brighten the Christmas holidays. Its candy cane colors feature plenty of snow, bows, and elves.

A different Christmas Carol plays at the top of each hour heralding the arrival of a hard working elf who exits the workshop with a wrapped gift ready for Santa’s sleigh. Does it get any cuter?

Personalized Elegance

Why not say what’s in your heart with an elegant 19-ounce wine goblet engraved with your special message. You get two lines of 15 characters each to write something cool like “A Sister Is a Friend Forever”, or “A Sister Is a Gift for the Heart”, or simply “I Love You Sis”.

Why not give her a whole set each engraved with a different saying.


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