How to Pick the Perfect Headband for a Hair Bun

How to Pick the Perfect Headband for a Hair Bun


Hair buns have been a classic, timeless hairstyle for women for many years. Hair buns can be styled for work, prom or the gym – from chic and romantic to casual and flirty. Headbands and hair buns make the perfect combination because it oozes femininity and charm and you can glam it up or down anyway you want. Not only does it look   headband wigs    great, it’s easy and glamorous. Paired with the prefect headband, and you have the ability to never be bored with your hairstyle again, even when you wear it up in a bun.

How to Style the Perfect Hair Bun

The first step to selecting the perfect headband for your hair bun is to decide what style of hair bun you’re going for. Since the hair bun is such a versatile hairstyle, you can wear it messy and carefree, or sleek and formal. If you’re going for a messy, casual style, make sure you tease your hair and pull out some pieces from your bun to make it look more natural. It looks best when you look like you just woke up. Also, wrapping some longer pieces of hair around the base of your ponytail will make it look completely natural.

If you’re wearing a bun for a formal up do, hair donuts are all the rage for creating that perfect hairstyle. They keep fly aways in check and are great for date night, girls night or hitting the town. For these buns, make sure everything is slicked back to create a sophisticated, sexy bun. You could even braid your ponytail, and wrap it around your bun, creating a stylish bun.

Bangs Up

For those days where you can’t be bothered to style your hair, the hair bun + headband combo provide an easy solution. This hairstyle can take you no more than 10 mins and you’re out the door. It’s great for running errands, meeting clients for lunch, meetings at work or date night. Also, you’ll never have to worry if your hair is staying in place because even though these headbands look beautiful with your hair bun, they also hold your hair in place. If you’re in the awkward stage of growing out your bangs, headbands with a hair bun are prefect for getting awkward fringe hairs from falling into your face.

When selecting a headband, think of the occasion you are going to. Obviously you’re probably going to wear a different style of headband to the gym, than to a night out with your girls. Just because your hair is in a bun, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Opt for thinner, sparkly headbands or ones lined with sequins or jewels.

Bangs Down

The best way to wear headbands with a bun and your bangs down is to place it wear your bangs meet the rest of your hair. Unless you’re going for a hippie style headband, you want to push it back a bit farther so you can style your bangs how you normally do. The options for these types of hairbands are endless. You could even do something a bit thicker to really bring the eye up to your hair bun, or tuck your longer bangs behind your ear and place the headband on top.


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