How to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt When You Are Divorced and Unemployed  

How to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt When You Are Divorced and Unemployed  

Life is full of uncertainties. Sometimes, good luck may not be with you all the time. All the problems will come together and you need to face them one by one. If you have problems with your   fe-cc     finance, marriage and career at the same time, what can be done?

If you are currently getting divorced, the first thing you need to solve is your financial issue. For your information, for couples who have joint credit card accounts, both husband and wife are bearing the equal responsibility on the outstanding balances. In order to double confirm, you can check your authorized user status from your latest credit reports. If both of you have accumulated a big sum of debts, you had better find ways to pay off your debt as soon as possible. You are reminded not to ignore your debt because your credit score will be badly affected.

Sometimes, life will not be as smooth as what you expect. Due to global economy crisis, many people have been retrenched and you are one of the victims. You fail to pay back your credit card debt in full amount. Since you have split your account with your spouse, you need to bear the debt on your own. If you don’t pay back, your creditor may file lawsuit on you. In order to avoid this, you are advised to try out the solutions as follow:

  • Obtain friendly loan

You are suggested to get financial support from your family members, your relatives or your friends as there is no interest involved. When you are facing financial hardship, it will be ideal if you can obtain friendly loan from someone you know you will have a more flexible repayment term.

  • Utilize your tax refund

If you were a good tax payer previously, now it is time for you to get back your “reward”. Make good use of your tax refund to pay off your debt.

  • Raise extra fund

If you can’t get any financial support from someone you know and you don’t have enough savings, you are advised to look for part time job to earn some income. Otherwise, if you have valuable items at home, you may consider selling them off to raise fund.


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