How Modern Hair Replacement Systems Work  

How Modern Hair Replacement Systems Work  

Hair loss can be solved in several ways. Prescription drugs are effective for some. Hair transplant surgery may also be a solution, but not always the right one for everyone. Others are happy with affordable hair additions or toupees. Hair replacement systems   toupee hair    vary, and it’s worth knowing more about each.

Toupees And Hair Extensions

Hair replacement systems are now able to work with all kinds of hair loss problems for both men and women, including alopecia universalis. Services now offer just about any style, color, texture, length and density that’s preferred by the customer.

Extensions are generally ideal for women, since women don’t lose hair in a “pattern” like men do. A full toupee is usually not necessary in this case, as hair extensions or weaves can be simply attached to existing hair to create a fuller texture.

When you decide to get customized hair, you set an appointment for a consultation with a hair addition specialist. You then get to “design” your new hair through the consultation. In the past, this modern system did not exist. For instance, people often had difficulties finding the right shade and texture for them because the only choices available in the market were pre-made wigs.

Medical Treatments

If you want to regrow actual hair, you’ll need a combination of different types of medical solutions. There are treatments that aim to stimulate hair growth, and there are those that stop or slow down the balding process. And then there are other solutions that aim to treat the underlying condition that’s causing the hair loss.


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