Guide to Selling Mobile Content

You have likely observed the ads for Glomobi World of Mobile advising you to message LOVE or JOKE to 66466. At the point when the remote telephone bill shows up, you are stunned to see you have been charged $30 per watchword. As upsetting as this might be, there is a way you can score money in this multi-billion dollar versatile substance game. This guide will give you a few hints and thoughts on the best way to do only that. Here are a couple of destinations that can assist you with exploiting the versatile substance blast.

1. OneBip

OneBip is another versatile installment strategy that permits sites to acknowledge 소액결제현금화 from cell phone clients. Vendors can enlist for nothing to acknowledge installments on their site. OneBip is certainly the best approach on the off chance that you have your own site and needn’t bother with a store facilitated by a third gathering.

2. BlogStar is an adapted interpersonal organization that permits clients to transfer backdrops and ringtones and procure income. The site likewise permits a client to send a backdrop or ringtone as a blessing to their companions. Payout requires a base parity of $100 and is sent 90 days toward the finish of every month.

3. Telephone Sherpa

Telephone Sherpa offers both a free store and a Plus store to venders. Things transferred to the store are accessible quickly without endorsement. Dealers who information exchange for the free store will just get 8% of the sum charged for the substance. Installments are made on the first of every month through PayPal.

4. TexTango

Permits unsigned groups to information exchange and offer their collections to guests. A couple of significant marks additionally have collections accessible for buy on the site. Not at all like customary online music stores, TexTango charges melody downloads to the music fan’s remote telephone bill.

5. Jivjiv

Jivjiv offers a free Basic Store and a Premium Store to venders. Eminence installments to venders change at the value level. Things transferred to the store can take about a day to get endorsed. The site requires a base parity of $25 to get a check.

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