Bathroom Remodeling with Rock  

Bathroom Remodeling with Rock

Bathroom remodeling provides an opportunity to go for an entirely new look. For some, bathroom remodeling is a time for an unusual look – something unique.

Bathroom remodeling with rock and other natural materials can give you that unique look. It can give you the   Vliesbehang     feeling of being in a natural retreat, far from the busy city life.

Achieving the Look

Begin your bathroom remodeling project by designing, or finding a design of the finished product. How do you want the bathroom to look when you are done?

For example, suppose you want a relaxing, peaceful hideout. What elements will achieve that look? What tasks will your bathroom remodeling project include?

  1. Walls: Picture grasscloth wallpaper in green and tan tones. Grasscloth wallpaper is made of natural grasses, and green shades are not bright. The woven wallpaper has a horizontal line, and will set the mood for your project of bathroom remodeling with rock and natural materials.
  2. Floor: A floor of slate or marble, real or imitation will fit your theme and be easy to clean. Use natural hemp or grass mats.
  3. Sink: Purchase a rock sink. These sinks are hewn from river rocks, and hollowed with a polished cavity. They have a standard drain hole. Deep or shallow: choose a rock sink to enhance your bathroom remodeling.
  4. Vanity: Continue your bathroom remodeling with rock and natural materials by choosing a bamboo vanity on which to set your rock sink. These vanities come in various sizes, and will carry the outdoor theme well. Hang a bamboo mirror / cabinet above the vanity.
  5. Faucets: Bamboo shaped faucets will complement your sink well. The type that have an open top at the faucets end will look as though they came right from an oriental garden into your bathroom remodeling project.
  6. Bathtub: Yes, you can get a “boulder bathtub” for your natural bathroom. You could probably find a standard bathtub with a marble-like finish, but an actual boulder would be natural. This calls for a large bathroom, and will look cramped in a small space. Add bamboo faucets to match those at the sink. Caution: Please make sure your floor will hold the weight before you order a boulder bathtub.
  7. Toilet: You may not be able to go this far with your project of bathroom remodeling with rock, but you can camouflage the toilet to make it fit your theme. A dark green or black toilet would blend well.


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