The Best Trucker Movies

The Best Trucker Movies

#1 Convoy

Based on the song, Convoy, by C.W. McCall, this 1978 movie features haulage workers who band together to form an unbreakable convoy, in a bid to defeat the county sheriff. The truckers form an impressive mile long convoy, starring Kris Kristofferson and Ali   สุดยอดหนังคาวบอย


#2 Breaker! Breaker!

This trucking movies feature the one and only Chuck Norris. Chuck stars as J.D. Dawes, a tight jean-wearing haulage worker who embarks on a mission to find his brother. The movie leads the viewers down to Texas, where fighting scenes with crooked cops ensue.

#3 Sorcerer

This 1977 trucking thriller stars Rob Schneider and Bruno Cremer. The plot revolves around workers for an oil drilling operation in South America. During a fire outbreak, the workers find themselves in a situation where they need to drive a return load of unstable dynamite in ancient trucks. Exciting scenes include trucking through jungles and over rickety bridges.

#4 They Drive by Night

This movie deals with the reality of the Depression and the dangerous measures delivery workers need to take in order to support their families. George Raft and Humphrey Bogart star as two haulage workers, engaging in dangerous trucking activities.

#5 Coast to Coast

Dyan Cannon and Robert Blake star in this 1980s film. Madie, the lead character, hitches a ride with a financially struggling haulage worker, Charles Callahan. Madie is a rich and neurotic woman, reeling from the aftermath of a nasty divorce, and an unlikely friendship between her and the trucker forms.

#6 High Ballin’

This 1978 movie deals with issues arising from transport contracts and haulage work. Jerry Reed and Peter Fonda star as two truckers who engage in battle with a thug-run haulage company who want to put independent truckers out of business, hijacking and abusing the innocent victims.

#7 Citizens Band

Paul Le Mat and Candy Clark star in this trucking comedy, revolving about a local radio station. A lead character, Charles Napier, is a delivery worker who becomes the victim of a trucking accident. During his hospitalisation, a series of hilarious consequences unfold.

#8 Duel

Dennis Weaver stars in the Spielberg thriller as a pleasant salesman on the road, who has the unfortunate experience of encountering a rogue trucker. Weaver accidentally enrages this aggressive haulage worker, and a dangerous chase follows.

#9 Steel Cowboy

Clay Pfanner is the trucking star in this movie. Faced with the prospect of losing his truck due to outstanding debts which he cannot pay, his fellow trucker, K.W. offers him a contract transporting cattle. Clay decides to take a chance and hope for the best, and they engage in attempts to haul cattle.


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