Personalised Chocolates – A Winner in Your Marketing Campaign

Personalised Chocolates – A Winner in Your Marketing Campaign


Personalised gifts are day to day items that are branded with your company’s logo. Just about everything and anything can be branded. You don’t have to go far to see how much this form of personalised bar mats  advertising is utilised. Have a look at the pens on your desk – you see any with a logo on? What about the drink mats in the cafe during lunch time? The fact promotional gifts are used by the top 20 companies in the world should give some insight in to the success of this method of advertising.

Merchandising is not just for the big corporate companies; there are many options on the market which do not have to take the entire advertising budget. Perhaps one of the most cost effective rewards for your customers and clients are the personalised chocolates. Chocolate is a favourite with everyone and what could be better than a free chocolate bar? There are many different types of chocolates which can be personalised with your company’s logo. From Luxury boxed chocolates to small Neapolitans you can be sure to find something in keeping with your company’s image.

For any hotel or cafe Neapolitans are ideal. Bite-sized squares of milk, dark or mint chocolate with your logo printed on the front. When served with coffee or even on the pillow, this adds a touch of finesse, giving the establishment credibility. Small touches like this ensure repeat business, which makes for a successful business.

On the other end of the spectrum you have luxury boxed chocolates. These personalised chocolates come in a luxurious printed gift box. You can have the box and the quantity tailor made to suit your needs. These chocolates act as an ideal “thank you” for hard working employees or loyal customer. Everybody loves a gift and the personalised chocolates will also reinforce your company in their mind.

If you want something a little bit more unique and eye catching; you could even choose bespoke moulded chocolate shapes. This is for the sophisticated campaign where you can literally design your own. Not only can the chocolates be made to your design, but you can choose with or without foil and have your choice of wrapping. You could have your logo made of chocolate, your company’s mascot or perhaps you want to come up with an entertaining game to add some fun to your promotional campaign.

For giveaway personalised chocolates you have the printed chocolates. These white or milk chocolates are actually printed with your logo and packaged in clear plastic for full view. These are great for exhibitions, fundraisers or just for the customers that come through the door.

Your distributor will be able to advise how best to package your personalised chocolates for full impact. Experienced distributors will also be able to give you virtual samples, so you can see exactly how the finished products will look. With so many options available you can be sure to find the right personalised chocolates for your next marketing campaign.


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