Know About CNA Certification in Maryland Process and Eligibility Routes

Know About CNA Certification in Maryland Process and Eligibility Routes



The state of Maryland is an ideal location for individuals who want to build their career performing entry-level nursing aide related How to start your own cna school in Maryland tasks. The primary advantages of being a CNA/GNA in Maryland include:

In the United States, MD is 3rd largest life science research and developments nexus, and locates more than 350 biotechnology companies.

There are more than 47 hospitals and clinics in the state and few of them are the world’s best and ranking health care centres including Johns Hopkins Hospital, ranked No. 1 in the United States.

MD is one of the most densely populated and most populous states of the US, residing 12.5% elderly population as of 2011, according to the United States Census bureau data released on 2012.

Median household income of the state is also highest in the United States, as per the 2011 U.S. Census bureau survey.

MD is also passing through acute nursing shortage, as other states, according to the NCBI.

Highly advanced and developed healthcare industry, increased numbers of the aging population, highest Median House income and nursing shortage are the best combination for the tremendous nursing aide employment opportunities and highly competitive CNA salary in the state.

Although, Maryland offers incredible career building opportunities, the adoption of federal Nursing Home Reform Act (OBRA-87) also prompted MD Board of Nursing (BON) to direct each Nursing Aide working in the state approved and licensed Nursing Homes and licensed facilities to get registered with the BON within 120 days of being employed in the state approved facilities.

The eligibility route for earning a CNA Certification in Maryland, and Registration with the BON and the state Registry include:

Complete MD Board of Nursing (BON) and federal OBRA approved 100 hours CNA/GNA Training Program.

Pass both sections of the NNAAP Exam.

Earn Certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Maryland.

MD CNA training program features 60 hours didactic/lab training and 40 hours clinical hands-on experience. The training program can be completed through vocational schools, adult education centres, community colleges, nursing homes and American Red Cross. Currently, there are more than 176 MD training programs in the state.

The NNAAP Exam or CNA Certification Test features two independent parts – a Written/Oral Test and a Skills Test. Both tests are developed to determine and access the minimal competencies and standards of nursing assistants to provide direct patient cares in licensed nursing homes and other facilities under Medicaid and Medicare programs. The tests also evaluate nursing aide-related knowledge and skills for working as an entry-level certified CNA/GNA.

Maryland Board of Nursing has contracted Pearson VUE, a national testing agency to design, score and report the NNAAP exam results for registration of GNAs with the BON and MD Geriatric Nursing Assistant Registry. Pearson VUE has tied up with the American Red Cross to administer the NNAAP exam in the state.

Individuals who pass both tests are awarded CNA Certification in Maryland and registered on the state Geriatric Nurse Aide Registry. The registration also provides them permission to perform legally in varied healthcare settings.

If you want to get “certified”, and aiming to work in an entry-level position as a GNA, you can send your Application to American Red Cross (ARC) for scheduling MD NNAAP Exam, but if you are not confident in passing the CNA exam, you can click cna certification Maryland [] for Pearson VUE candidate Handbook and NNAAP sample test link for understanding the exam and certification process. You can also find similar information about cna certification Rhode Island



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