How To Choose The Best Web Design Agency


Choosing the best website design company for your small business can be difficult. Just go to Google and enter “web design company” to get thousands of options.

Perhaps refine your search (maybe the top 10 listed on Google) and start exploring each portfolio. This is a great start, but it only shows some of the benefits that they can provide to grow your business.

Therefore, in addition to displaying your portfolio, you need to find answers to the following questions: Having received an exhaustive answer to these ten questions, you can minimise the risk of problems with your web design project, budget overruns, or marginal benefits for your business growth. ,

Questions to Ask Before Signing a Web Design Agreement

  1. How much is the involved cost of the project?

There are usually two types of contracts: hourly and project. As a small business, you probably want to find a company with project prices, perhaps because you do not have a large budget or one that could cover hidden costs and fees.

Before signing the contract, it is necessary to obtain the final cost of the project to avoid any additional fees.

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  1. How long will it take?

There are always unexpected obstacles that delay the completion of a project. This is normal and should be planned.

Get the expected timeline from your web design company and keep an eye on it throughout the project to make sure your design keeps up.

  1. Are SEO, information architecture, and content strategies included in the price?

Most design companies do not include these essential elements in the design of the site.

If not, I recommend hiring an SEO company and working closely with the company that creates the site throughout the entire site development process.

  1. Our design and development included in the price?

When the company said: “Create a new website”, he worked many times with small enterprises that believe that this means website design and coding. This is not true. They said that the web design company transferred the design, and then the small business had to pay someone to create and code the site.

Make sure that both design and development are included in the cost of site design.

  1. Can I get a list of people working on my website and their role in the company?

It is essential to know who works on your site and what is their role in the company. In most cases, if the project price is low, either work as a junior level designer or outsource the lowest price.

Since websites are the face of business, and users only need 50 ms to identify a website, it is essential to have the right designers and developers to create the website.

  1. Will my site be built on an adaptive basis?

Google uses mobility as a ranking factor, and users want to buy and visit websites that work well on all devices.

Make sure your website design company builds your website with an adaptive structure.

  1. Do you outsource or use a freelancer for your project?

This corresponds to knowing who will work on your design.

Make sure you are not sold to the company. To know that they pass your design and coding to someone else.

  1. Is a migration plan included?

As mentioned many times, ensuring that your migration plan is implemented during the redesign of the site is the key to maintaining traffic and sales when launching a new website.

If your website development company does not include a transition plan, be sure to hire a company that is familiar with the transition plan during the web design process.

  1. What platform and CMS will be used? Can you edit the content easily?

There are many platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, home content management systems, etc.) that can be used as the basis of the website.

Make sure your web design company tells you exactly which platform to use and that you can edit your content without needing their help.

  1. Is there any training on using CMS?

If you use CMS, make sure that you teach how to add and edit content.

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