Financial Conservation – What Drives Economics?  

Financial Conservation – What Drives Economics?  

Human nature.

Whenever you find yourself in a conversation with someone who plays the market, how often do you hear them talking about their losses compared to the killing they just made?

Many studies have been done on the profit/loss ratio of those who participate in the gaming arena of the financial markets. Getting beyond the big fish stories we all like to tell from   Conservative Media   time to time, the real truth is that those who lose over the long term far outweigh those who profit.

No great surprise. But, consider this:

In the last fifty years since the advent of the modern technology age of personal computing, access to instant information via the internet, sophisticated technical analysis tools and trading platforms – not to mention the various featured stars of this world – the needle on the winners vs. losers ratio has not budged.

The implied promise of financial success and independence underlying the massive promotion of all this technical firepower that the lone individual can have at their fingertips from the comfort of their home offices with beautiful views and the kids at play, if you look at the actual results, has not delivered the goods for individuals and their families.

If the opposite were true, could a phenomenon like the Financial Crisis have occurred?

The real result, however, is how the needle of the financial markets has swung violently into the red zone of volatility, driven by a new age culture of speculation that caused the engine of our economy to freeze.

In today’s world, it is another form of gambling with your long-term financial stability to not have in place iron-clad guarantees that will protect your Core Financial Assets.

Let’s get this one point straight in our thinking: at the core level, what we have created for ourselves is first and foremost a cultural problem that the bureaucrats, institutionalists and battling demagogues with their armies of inflexible ideologues – from all sides – will not be able to fix.

We have seen how this never-ending clash of ideologies plays beautifully into the hands of the media that has an insatiable appetite for pyschodrama. And with this fodder for the media beast serving as are “guiding lights,” are we not in the meantime continuing to dig a deeper hole for ourselves?

The real solutions that will get us back on our feet and moving forward will not be driven by petrified ideologies trying constantly to dominate one another, but will be flexible, present with the problems at hand and guided by the reliable integrity of common sense.

By definition, this direction will not come from the top down, but from the bottom up.

We are a generation or more into dysfunctional attitudes that have separated us from the most basic of universal principles – that will never be denied – at great expense across the board.

Realistically, pervasive cultural attitudes that are undermining to our society’s viability at the level of saturation now staring us in the face will not be dealt with easily.

And certainly not without a fundamental shift in perspective that most effectively, efficiently and with the most immediate positive impact can – and must begin – at the level of the individual.


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