Discover How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality  

Discover How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

What do you want from life? Do you know, or do you just drift from day to day without any particular aims or sense of direction? It might even be that you feel defeated, or stuck in a rut from which there seems to be no escape.

Whatever your situation, unless you’re happy with it exactly as it is, there’s plenty of scope for change – and a powerful tool for changing our circumstances is to create a Dream Book or, better still, a Dream Sheet that is then placed on a wall where you   buku mimpi    can hardly avoid seeing it every single day.

I recommend buying the biggest sheet of card that you can find and covering it with pictures of your ideal life. Even if you’ve never taken time to think through the kind of life that might be perfect for you, this exercise is a simple one to adapt to – and great fun to do. If there’s somewhere you’d love (but can’t currently afford) to go on holiday, download views of that destination or get brochures from your local travel agent and cut out pictures to arrange on your Dream Sheet. Likewise, your ideal house, car, school for your children, bicycle, motorbike etc. etc – just get them all up there.

The reason why I believe a Sheet to be preferable to a Book is that it takes no effort whatsoever to see it up there. It’s simply there. It’s best, as I’ve said, to put the pictures on a wall that you’re seeing all the time because then the images can most easily be absorbed into your subconscious. And, once there, they begin to take effect. As familiar images they somehow come within reach. Not immediately. Nothing is that easy! And don’t ask me how it happens because I couldn’t answer with any degree of accuracy. All I know is that it does. It has happened over and over again for me, for members of my family and indeed for everyone that I’ve told about this method.

For example, my eldest daughter had pictures of Canada all over her sheet, along with a Mazda MX5. When she placed them there, she did so thinking in terms of ‘pie in the sky’. However, they became familiar territory and as time went by it began to feel as if a trip to Canada and ownership of the sports car of her dreams were part of her ‘reality’. She didn’t so much hunger for them as inwardly accept that they were there and that it was inevitable that she would go to one and own the other!

Sure enough, she did, with no cost to her

Unexpected doors had been opening since she put her Dream Sheet in place and suddenly, one day, a family member ‘all out of the blue’ offered her a red MX5 for which they no longer had a use. Similarly, a year or so later, a dream trip to Banff and a train journey across the Rockies from Jasper to Vancouver came her way.


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