A Smart Boat Looks Shiny And New Inside And Out

A Smart Boat Looks Shiny And New Inside And Out



Getting your vessel clean and looking like a shiny smart boat takes a lot of hard work, the right tools and effective cleaning solutions. Every boat owner takes pride in taking out a smart-looking vessel, but to be able to do that, you should be willing to commit some time   PDLC Film Manufacturer    and energy into it.

To make your vessel look immaculately clean, you’ll have to clean the interior and exterior of your boat. If your hull is spotless and your fibreglass parts are gleaming, it won’t help the image if your vinyl seats are moldy and stained. It’s important to get the whole vessel clean if you want to give a good impression to your buddies.

Most people know how to clean the exterior of their boats, but it is not uncommon for some boat owners to neglect cleaning the inside of their boats. Here are some cleaning tips on how to get the smart boat look for your interiors.

Cleaning Your Boat Interiors

Clean your boat’s interior from top to bottom. Most boat owners just clean parts they can reach easily, leaving the higher portions looking stained and moldy. Start from the top by washing the overhead compartments with a rag or sponge soaked in 5 gallons of water mixed with 1.5 cup ammonia. Clean small portions at a time so you don’t miss a spot. Wear safety glasses and gloves as you do this.

Once your top part is cleaned, move down to the walls below the overhead compartments. Clean horizontal surfaces aside from the walls. Ignore dirt that gets to the floor as you can clean the floor off later on. Use a spray cleaner to clean the parts with unpainted wood. Sanitize tables with bleach or an anti-bacterial cleaning spray. You can also clean metal parts with water and ammonia.

Remove hanging fixtures such as fire extinguishers from their wall rack to get the wall behind it cleaned. You should also remove floatation devices hanging on the walls or placed under seats to get those hidden areas cleaned too. For wood parts, use wood cleaner not water with ammonia. Polish the wooden parts to protect it from moisture and to make it shiny.


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