Yacht Charter in the Central Cyclades

Yacht Charter in the Central Cyclades



The territories winning breeze throughout the mid year months is the scandalous Meltemi blowing from the N-NW. It is first felt in June and gets more grounded through July, August and September when it can arrive at power 8. It fades away in October. In the spring and harvest time hurricanes are normal samos feribot

from the N and the SE. The late spring months are hot, normal temperatures are 25 deg C and temperatures frequently arrive at 35 deg C.


Milos is the southwesternmost of the Cyclades. A huge sound, Ormos Milou, was scooped out when an antiquated spring of gushing lava ejected and hot sulfur springs despite everything exist today. Adhamas is the island’s port Go bow or harsh to the E side of the ship wharf or bow to the littler dock to the E. It is likewise conceivable to stay off to the SE of the short dock. The base is mud shakes and weed and helpless holding in places. There is acceptable asylum from the Meltemi yet twists from the south can create perilous conditions. There is water on the ship wharf and fuel can be conveyed. Most arrangements can be gotten in the town and there are some tavernas. Climb the slope to the Chora at Milos for stunning perspectives over the sound. There are a few different docks in the cove that are presented toward the north. There are no offices at any of them. Apollonia is in the NE of Milos. Go bow or harsh to the dock or stay of the sea shore. Holding is acceptable on a sandy base. There are tavernas and a smaller than normal market shorewards. Ormos Voudhia lies one mile toward the south of Apollonia. There is acceptable haven from the Meltemi however the environmental factors are ugly with open cast mines and a wharf and metal bearer all in see.


Kimilos misleads the NE of Milos. There are two docks in Ormos Sikia in the SW of the island. They are presented to the N – NW and inadmissible when the Meltemi is blowing. Pirgonisi is a long sandy sea shore on the south coast and yachts can grapple anyplace along it in appealing environmental factors. Great hanging on sand and weed. Psathi lies further along the coast toward the east. Go bows to the quay or grapple off. There is little haven from the Meltemi and yachts are encouraged to utilize this dock just in quiet climate. There are two or three tavernas aground and restricted arrangements can be acquired in the town. Just toward the north is Semina Creek and yachts can stay in the narrows. Like Psathi, there is little sanctuary from the Meltemi and Psathi ought to be utilized uniquely in quiet climate.


The in the NW of island of Poliagos there is a stunning confined mooring just toward the south of the little island of Moanolsi. There is cover from the Meltemi and great hanging on the sandy base. On the south side of the island there are a few bays that yachts can stay in when conditions are quiet.


Folegandros is another infertile, rough island with exemption of the little Chora in the NE that lies among green trees and bushes. The island’s ship port is Karavostasi. Go bow or harsh to the mole on the south side of the arm broadening westbound. There is helpless holding in places on sand and rock. There is sensible safe house from the Meltemi. There are a few tavernas however arrangements can be hard to acquire and the island is absolutely dependent on conveyances by ship. On the W side of Folegandros is the huge cove, Ormos Vathi. It must be utilized in quiet climate and there is helpless holding in places on sand and weed.

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