What To Know About Jigsaws & Woodworking

How about we get a few terms straight first so we are both clear about what we are discussing. It’s somewhat confounding yet customary “jigsaw puzzles” were initially removed on a “scroll saw” which used to be known as a “jigsaw”. Today, the expression “jigsaw” alludes to a hand-held compact carpentry power device while the expression “scroll saw” alludes to a stationary carpentry machine. Another approach to take a gander at it that on account of a jigsaw, the instrument is brought to the workpiece and on account of the parchment saw the workpiece is brought to the machine. Another name for a jigsaw is “saber saw.”

I’ve been utilizing jigsaws longer than I’d prefer to concede. I found the first lying around my father’s carpentry shop in the storm cellar of my youth home. A couple of years from that point onward, I bought a modest one from Sears. That jigsaw gave me the snappy handiness that all jigsaws give however there were tenacious and irritating issues without clear arrangements: First, The sharp edges had no aides so they would consistently meander away from the cut line, particularly when I was attempting to follow bended  stichsäge test  pencil lines. Second, when cutting bends in thick material, the jigsaw edge would twist toward the outside of bends. Third, early jigsaws didn’t have orbital pendulum activity thus they would stack up and consume in thick materials. Changing sharp edges required a screwdriver and you must be mindful so as not to lose the set screw.

The present top-quality jigsaws have disposed of those issues and are, by correlation with the previous models, progressive. I will keep my comments to better quality jigsaws in light of the fact that there are despite everything clearance room models out there with the issues I simply laid out. Having said that, here are the significant things that you ought to be searching for in your next jigsaw:

At the highest priority on my rundown are the subjects of cutting edge following and edge guides. Investigate how every jigsaw maker has moved toward these difficulties since you are most likely not going to get an opportunity to evaluate your next jigsaw before getting it. Search for points of interest: Some producers essentially state something like “unrivaled sharp edge following” without saying how this is cultivated. Others are convincingly expressive.


Another issue with all jigsaws is wood chipping. Most, yet not all, jigsaw sharp edges are intended to cut on the upward stroke which implies that the fragmenting frequently happens on the great side of the board or pressed wood. Fragmenting can be limited in two different ways: (1) fine-cut edges and (2) hostile to chip embeds mounted in the saw foot promptly nearby each side of the sharp edge. Fine-cut sharp edges cut gradually thus if speed is a prerequisite and you are utilizing an all the more forcefully toothed jigsaw edge, a fragment embed is a flat out need except if you intend to sand as well as defeat away the chipped zone later.

Visit sharp edge changes are an unavoidable truth with all jigsaws. In light of a legitimate concern for creation effectiveness, this procedure ought to be as quick and simple as could be expected under the circumstances. Gone are the times of screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and set screws. You need a jigsaw that lets you pop sharp edges done in quick style.

On the off chance that you are wellbeing cognizant and need to limit airborne residue in your work zone, you might need to gather dust directly at its source by associating a vacuum hose to the jigsaw. All things considered, check for a residue port and ensure that it is perfect with your vacuum hose. By and by, I want to wear a decent residue veil and hence maintain a strategic distance from the bother of hauling a vacuum hose alongside the jigsaw when I am attempting to control the machine along bends.

I referenced orbital pendulum activity above and I would not in any case think about purchasing a jigsaw without it. My first orbital machine was a Bosch barrel grasp model. I was permitted to give one a shot in a carpentry store while I was on an excursion for work and it returned home to Hawaii in my bag. Here’s the reason: The sales rep had a bit of eight-quarter White Oak and urged me to cut a few bends in it. There were four orbital settings on that machine with the first being “no orbital activity” and every one after that being more forceful than the one preceding. With the circle in the “off” position, I started a cut. As I expected, the machine gradually worked through the cut and I realized that on the off chance that I pushed it any harder, the jigsaw sharp edge would either consume or break. At that point, at the proposal of the sales rep, I set the circle switch in place “4,” the most forceful, and made another cut. The cutting edge flew through the thick Oak as though it were spread. There is more fragmenting than previously however not so much that much. Sold, American!


A side advantage of a swaying jigsaw is expanded edge life. At the point when a sharp edge is stuck inside a cut, it has no place to go to scatter the warmth. The pendulum activity sways the sharp edge all through the cutting face, giving cool air access while the edge is immediately situated away from the cut. Simultaneously, the aggregated sawdust is permitted to drop out of the cut so the sharp edge is continually cutting new wood, not old sawdust. That is the reason it can speed up and cooler.


Most great jigsaws, however not all, have Electronic Speed Control (ESC) which is a significant comfort. ESC resembles the journey control on your vehicle: It keeps up a consistent speed with changing burden conditions. The harder you push the jigsaw, the more electrical force is conveyed naturally to the engine with the goal that the saw cutting edge won’t delayed down. The similarity is your vehicle on journey control going up a slope.


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