What There is to Know About Evolv Health and Trey White

What There is to Know About Evolv Health and Trey White

I have been doing some research on this new direct selling business called Evolv Health and their CEO and Founder Trey White, because it has been getting a little bit of a hype online. So first I ask myself is this the next Amway or MonaVie or is it just    cupboards   another approach of another direct selling business trying to be the next wave of network marketing?

What I found is Evolv Health products is another product that swears that it has healing powers and will give you energy that you need to get you through the day. It has one definite advantage that 95% of most direct selling business don’t have and that is money. Trey White is a billionaire that is ready to take the industry full-force with what ever he has to do with the money in his wallet. But just because he has money doesn’t mean they will become extremely successful, this industry is all about what you know and what reps., distributors, or consultants you can get to come over to your business, because lets face it, most successful people in this industry float around looking for the next best thing.

The only thing I found that was disappointing of Trey White is the lack of excitement and motivation he has in all the videos I could find on him. He didn’t seem like he was a great leader, maybe that’s just his personality but from my experience in this industry people follow leaders and positive thinkers.


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