Web Site Help – Why Hits Just Don’t Measure Up

Way back in March ’02 – when I was a young(er) lad – I was at the Naperville Business Expo. I met several interesting people, rapped with the small business community and hunted down those tasty finger foods.

It was a lot of fun.

What I remember most vividly was my lengthy conversation 웹하드 with a Marketing manager outside her venue. She told me about her company’s Web site, its new features and how hard her team worked to pull it all together. I was genuinely impressed.

And then she hit me with it.

She told me her Web site had over 84,000 hits and nearly knocked me over with enthusiasm. I was stunned! Not because her hit count was so strong, but because all that hard work deserves a better measurement system.

We chatted a bit longer and in no time she was thinking about a better way to quantify her Web site traffic.


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