The High Versatility of Poly Film  

The High Versatility of Poly Film  

Many companies recognize the importance polyethylene and poly film plays in their business. Whether it’s to package and ship their goods or simply to reduce their costs, poly film    먹튀폴리스     products are a versatile tool used in a variety of industries for a multitude of uses.

Poly film is a flexible, strong, lightweight polyethylene product used for everything from plastic shipping envelopes to fertilizer bags, to mulch film and food packaging. Poly film provides a durable and cost effective way to protect and ship products.

Originally discovered in 1933, the first industrially practical polyethylene synthesis was done (accidentally) by Eric Fawcett and Reginald Gibson. Immediately polyethylene was recognized for its versatility and, when transformed into poly film, the variety of uses available. Some of the more common include:

Plastic Shipping Envelopes: Used to ship soft goods, apparel, documents, pharmaceuticals, etc. They offer high impact strength, water resistances, tamper protection, and a reduction in freight and shipping costs. They also benefit many companies who go the route of custom branded packaging to increase their brand awareness without additional stress to their marketing budget.

Less costly to produce and more secure, plastic envelopes are an ideal substitute to corrugated boxes or paper based envelopes.

Security Bags: Used to transport cash and valuables between destinations. They offer a wide range of safety features which enable detection if the contents are tampered with or removed. Specialized seals and construction provide an unmatched level of security for the contents.

Security bags come in many shapes and sizes ranging from clear to opaque, to specialized and stock. They offer writable surfaces for adding detailed information about the contents. They also commonly feature sequential numbers, bar codes, and tear off receipts to assist with accountability and integrity.

Heavy Duty Bags: Used to package anything from soils and chemicals to wood chips and ice melt. Heavy Duty bags are designed specifically to withstand the elements and heavy usage. Their thicker gauge means increased strength and protection. They also include additives which give specialized features such as UV protection and varying slip ratios inside and out.

The outside has a low slip level and is made with a non skid surface for easy stacking and shipping. The inside surface is made with a higher slip level allowing the heavy duty bag to easily open and seal under dirty conditions. Heavy duty bags are built to withstand a wide range of temperature changes and conditions.


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