The Best Man Speech Rules You Need To Follow  

The Best Man Speech Rules You Need To Follow  

Best man speeches are traditionally guided by certain etiquette which are often referred to as the best man speech rules. As a best man you would want to adhere to these rules. No mater if you want to give a funny speech or a heartfelt one; following   슈어맨   the rules will only make your speech better and appreciated by one and all.

Best man speech rules are extremely easy to follow. As the best man, I am guessing that you are a close, personal friend to the bride and/or groom. Therefore your speech should also be personal, yet tasteful. The best man speech is an important part of any wedding reception, and is likely something that the blissful couple will always remember, so take the task seriously.

Many best man speeches are given with the use of humor and love. These normally work best because it captures everyone’s attention and it is normally pleasing to the newlyweds. A good idea would be to tell about a funny time or event in the past before the couple met, or maybe during the early part of their relationship, that isn’t embarrassing or compromising to their character. Make sure to always include how happy you are for them and that they mean a lot to you and you feel honored to have been chosen for your important role in their marriage ceremony.

Another important rule in writing your wedding speech for the best man is to not procrastinate. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time in order to write, edit, and practice your speech thoroughly in order to avoid any uncomfortable situations or long pauses during your few minutes in the spotlight. Make sure that you are speaking clearly, loudly, and coherently, so that everyone can be sure and hear everything that you have to say to the couple. And for that you also need to stay away from alcohol until you have given your speech – well, that’s another important addition to your  list.

Be punctual. Nobody likes having to seek out the person that is supposed to deliver a speech or toast. Make sure that you are also available for other activities and duties normally obligated to the best man’s role. You are a very important part of the wedding ceremony and reception, and your active interest in the entire ordeal will make everything run along a lot smoother.


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