Satellite TV For Your PC – A Way to Combat Media Censorship

Satellite TV For Your PC – A Way to Combat Media Censorship

You have heard the stories before, the ones about journalists and reporters losing their jobs for reporting the truth and perhaps later they receive some sort of honor for doing what they should have done. With that in mind let us consider movies and TV shows.   Censored Media    It seems that media censorship is everywhere.

What can be done about it…if you are like me you want the real news, not some half-baked story that was created to drive the ratings for the news network. For me satellite TV on my computer has solved this dilemma.

But before I go into that that solution I want to discuss a little more about what I perceive as a problem. Is it just me or does the media really control what we think in some ways…let me explain. Movie after movie has been created that depicts Italians associated with the Mafia. There have even been hit series with that theme. This stereotyping makes one believe that it is true that all Italians are associated with the Mafia.

We see so many murders on TV. The show can make the murder seem justified…what does that do to our minds in the long run. In many movies CEOs of large corporations are made to appear that the only thing that matters in life to them is money. In old-time westerns we came to accept that the bad guys wore black hats and the good guys wore white. There were not any gray areas to contend with.

In my life it seems that everything is varying tones of gray! When I watch the news I am watching because I want to know what is going on in the world. I want the real story. The problem is that the news that is shown is determined by program popularity. A news director is responsible for maximizing ratings and station profits. This person really has little choice but to appeal to popular tastes. That means if my or your tastes are not mainstream we may never hear about them.

We are likely to only hear about stories that will grab and hold the attention of the audience and that are visual, easily explained, and easy to understand. Like all media the news is ratings driven and they rely on advertising profits. Viewers are essential to their success.

Although we may not be able to change the system as it is we can add satellite TV to our PCs. This enables us to view thousands of channels from around the world. This means that you can watch the news in your local town or a town across the country or across the world. This affords you the opportunity to learn about news from various perspectives and you will then be able to determine your own unique point of view.


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