How to Create a Landing Page That Converts  

How to Create a Landing Page That Converts  

In this article I want to point out the importance of having a landing page for your website, and also give 20 tips on how to create the perfect landing page for your site.

Landing pages are essential in directing visitors to take whatever action it is you want them to. Whether it’s selling an online service, product registration, or signing them up to your newsletter, it is advantageous to present this choice to the visitor as soon as possible;   Vegetation removal Mornington Peninsula    to put them in the position to choose (buy or sell, sign up or leave, register or not) early in the game.

Here are 20 tips for creating a perfect page.

  1. The more information, the more you sell.

In order to convince someone to take an action or make a purchase, it is important to include as much information as possible. They are on your site to find a solution to a problem or fill a need. Your job is to tell and show just how taking the desired action will meet their needs or solve their problem. Make content heavy pages, but make sure they are interesting and motivating.

  1. Focus on your product

Remember the product or newsletter sign up form is the reason for having a landing page in the first place. Keep your information and features focused solely on your product. Don’t waste a single word on anything that isn’t directly related to the goal you are trying to accomplish. Anything else is only a waste of time for both you and your visitor.

  1. Display your product.

Because your website doesn’t give the visitor the ability to physically touch or try out your product, make sure to add as many visual representations as possible. This include images (both 2D and 3D), videos, charts, graphs, audio etc.

  1. Show off your product.

If applicable, give a demonstration of your product via video using screen capture software such as Camtasia. This will heighten the visitors excitement for it and strengthen their confidence that it will suit their needs. All of this equals a better likelihood they will purchase what it is you are trying to sell.

  1. Use graphics to support promotional messages.

Visitors will remember your features better if they are repeated several times and presented in various forms. Instead of only listing features in text, bullet style format, consider also using graphics to convey. An example would be displaying a customer satisfaction seal or embedding an audio file explaining the benefits.

  1. Include the perception their decision is time sensitive.

Include a bonus gift with their purchase to make them feel like this purchase is a no-brainer; that this opportunity simply cannot be missed. Creating the sense of urgency forces users to think if they don’t buy now, they may miss an opportunity they will never see again. This has been a proven marketing technique for many years.

  1. Increase “perceived value”.

Having a high perceived value can entice potential customers to pull the trigger on their decision to purchase. This can come as a large mark down in price. For example, stating your product normally sells for $499, but this week only it is being sold for the low price of $49. This is kind of like those infomercial advertisements where you always hear “but wait, there’s more”!

  1. Test your clarity on yourself.

After writing the information for your landing page, test yourself by trying to write down everything you remember about the product. See if you can recall every bullet point or advantage. This will give you a strong indication of what a typical visitor is going to recall. If your list is lacking, it is time to go back and revise. Repeating key features on your page is vital to memory retention.

  1. Be persuasive.

Rarely will you have a buyer who is willing to buy your product without some kind of convincing. They want to know their money is being spent wisely and that they will be getting value from their purchase. Be persuasive. Customer testimonials are great for this. If it’s a new product, consider contacting some well known individuals in your niche and giving them a review copy of your product for free in exchange for a testimonial or review.


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