Home Remedy For Top 5 Searches In Google  

Home Remedy For Top 5 Searches In Google  

A home remedy is a treatment or cure for a disease or other ailment that employs certain foods or other common household items. Never use any home remedy or other self treatment without being advised to do so by a physician.


Health comes from common sense and natural food. Herbal treatments and alternative health are growing in popularity as more and more people discover what they have to offer. The living proof is that our ancestors-with the help of these cures-lived a happier, healthier, and longer life than the present generation. The aim of a human being should be to understand the rules of good health and to obey them,    Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure   so that he does not have to depend on doctors burden his life with medicines. The first necessity for good health is pure air. The third necessity of good health is food and water.


Pimples disappear without scars when rubbed with raw garlic several times a day. Lemon has also proved beneficial in reducing pimples and acne. A teaspoon of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, is another effective home remedy for pimples and blackheads. Acne or pimples are caused by hormonal changes, wrong food habits and improper skin care.


Health & Fitness – Over-the-counter yeast infection treatments aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Learn why over-the-counter & prescription treatments may cause chronic yeast infections and why treating yeast infections at home naturally makes more sense. The easiest solution for any form of yeast infection is to target one’s diet, which in itself can be an effective yeast infection home remedy. :: Home Remedy for Yeast InfectionYeast infection is a problem that bothers women since the day of Hippocrates. Beyond removing carbohydrates from the diet temporarily and removing simple sugars from the diet permanently, there are many other supplements that can be taken to help kill of an internal yeast infection.


Combing alone can be an effective way to treating head lice. Therefore if youpresently have no other way, get to combing lice and nits (ie eggs). With patience and persistence you will eventually remove all lice and nits. ~Lice dont jump or fly, but they are fast crawlers, and are Normally contracted from hair-to-hair contact.

Pink Eye ( Conjunctivitis )

A home remedy for conjunctivitis includes regular hand washing. While eye drops are available, many cases of this infection subside on their own using a home remedy for pink eye. Home Remedy for Pink Eye Home Remedy for Pink EyeChinese food home remedy for pink eye: Pork liver is considered to improve vision, and is helpful for night blindness, pink eyes, edema, and beriberi. Another home remedy for conjunctivitis includes the use of a sterile cotton ball dipped in warm water to remove crusting from the eyelashes. A warm compress for up to ten minutes at a time provides another home remedy for conjunctivitis in all but allergic conjunctivitis conditions. An old home remedy for pink eye is to mix some boric acid powder with some warm water, then wash the corner of the eyes and the eyelids with a cotton ball soaked in the mixture. Breast milk is the best home remedy for pink eye.


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