Hard Drive Or Web Backup? Correct Configuration is Crucial to Avoid Data Loss

Web backup to a data center of an online service provider becomes increasingly popular. Just like with conventional backup to an external hard drive or to DVD-Rs, you need to have a basic understanding of how your backup is configured in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Particularly, you need to pay attention how incremental backups are done. Luckily, it is not rocket science.

When you burn a copy to a DVD, it is a full backup. Very 웹하드  straightforward, but not always practical. What happens when the content of your files and folders changes — you make changes to a document, or edit a digital photo? You need to burn a whole new DVD for that. If your hard drive is several hundreds of gigabytes then keeping backup up to date becomes an impossible task.

With external storage, whether it is an external hard drive or a web backup, most backup software is smart enough to do incremental backups. It does not touch the files that did not change, and overwrites obsolete files with a newer copy.

Here lies the problem. Suppose you finish editing an important document. As you try to save it, your word processor encounters an error and saves a corrupted version to disk. Or you accidentally delete part of your document and overwrite a good version. Both happened to me multiple times. If you realize the error immediately

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