Feel the Aroma – Feel the Perfume!

Feel the Aroma – Feel the Perfume!


Perfumes are a feast for the nostrils. The entire atmosphere of a room changes as soon as a person bathed in a mesmerizing perfume enters. At workplace, at cinema, at the mall or just about anywhere, if a person wearing a dainty and scintillating perfume walks past, the whole ambiance of the place experiences a change and the people around begin to sense something positive in whatever is happening around. The type of a perfume a person chooses to wear says a lot about his/her personality. Some use rose, some lavender, some wear jasmine others wear sandal.

The word perfume has its origin in the word ‘per fumum’ which is a Latin word meaning ‘through smoke’. The earliest users of perfumes were Egyptians who are supposed to be using Make your perfume singapore them as back as 1221. It is said that the Persians and Romans refined it further. During that time it was obviously not made as it is made these days. Herbs, flowers and other such things constituted for the major composition. The use of perfumes was associated more with religious and spiritual reasons than with fashion and fad. Today there are thousands of crores of formulae to develop a perfume and hence as many perfumes which makes it very difficult for a person to select one that goes with his/her style and flavor. It is important that a person to check that the perfume he/she is planning to buy adjusts to his/her body chemistry.

A perfume is supposedly consisted of three notes:

Top notes- They are volatile, sharp and fresh and help a person to form the first impression about a perfume. One may say that it is the top notes which are one of the most vivid marketing tools of any brand.

Middle notes- Middle notes on the other side; take some time to create their aroma. Unlike top notes, they do not produce an immediate apparent effect and for this reason they are not as strong in scent as top notes. They may even take as long as an hour after their application to show their effect.

Base notes- These are associated with rich and heavy fragrances. The scent of the base notes is said to stay the longest.

Now the very basic technique to make a perfume is very easy. Every perfume is made from the perfect composition of water, fragrance and alcohol. It is this perfect composition which differentiates one perfume from another. Things like animal musk, plant seeds and leaves and honey combs may be used as well. Apart from the above said natural sources, many synthetic elements are also used.

Many hold that scented essential oils are way better and effective than perfumes and colognes. Adding barely a few drops of aromatic oils in the bathing tub may actually be more effectual than using any perfumes. The scent of oils is said to remain longer. Whatsoever, a perfume is a perfume and perfume maniac just cannot substitute with anything else- effective oils or whatever.


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