7 Tips for Better Blogger Outreach

Do you want a larger audience for your business? One effective way to do that is through effective blogger outreach.
Whether you want more customers or better brand awareness, a blogger outreach could help you achieve your aim.

According to a study by BlogHer, 81% of people trust information and advice they get from blogs and 61% have made a purchase based on recommendations from blogs.
But a Blogger outreach services Onpoint media is more than just copying a template and sending it to hundreds of influential bloggers. You’ll have little success this way and a lot of frustration along with it.

Influential bloggers have built their reputation on a lot of hard work over the years.

You should at least pay attention when you need a favor from them. That said, getting featured on influential blogs is possible.

People do it every day. But how?

In the rest of this post, you’ll learn 7 tips that will help you to get better results from your blogger outreach.

Let’s dive in.

Find influential bloggers in your niche
Whatever industry you are, there are thousands, probably millions, of blogs. Many of these blogs are not places you want to appear.

Your first task is to find influential bloggers and blogs that you’ll want your business to appear.

Reaching out to the wrong bloggers will add little to your business even if they end up featuring your content on their homepages.
How do you find these bloggers?

Google Search
One of the best sources to find influential bloggers is through Google search. Sometimes, this could be a direct search or even an indirect search.

If you search about various topics in your industry and some blogs always appear in your search results, this shows that these blogs are authoritative blogs. You can identify these blogs and then search for the bloggers behind them.

An example of such a blog is Moz when you search for terms in search engine optimization. You can then search for its founder. One of them is the ever-charming Rand Fishkin.
Another way to find influential bloggers is to search for influential blogs in your industry. When you find these blogs, you can then identify the blogger or bloggers behind them.

The most direct way is to search for your industry influential bloggers on Google. You can input a search term like “top health bloggers” or similar terms applicable to your industry.

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